Volume At Price


Learn Volume Traded At Every Price To Rule Your Markets

Price and volume are key components to power trading? but typical volume over price range charts don’t show you where support and resistance are hiding. Until now. Futures and day traders, meet the Volume At Price Indicator. Now you can tell the exact volume traded at every price and find the missing support and resistance. Make the money trades and stop when the ride ends.


With the Volume At Price Indicator

  • You’ll quickly know the exact volume traded at every price on your chart so you can easily plan the high-probability trades based on support and resistance levels
  • You’ll easily pinpoint the high- and low-value areas so you can accurately determine where the money is likely going to be
  • You’ll discover the likely turning-point areas in your session so you can find the ideal stop placements to minimize losses
  • Futures and day traders will devour the markets for profits using this valuable volume-at-price information
  • All futures markets and all stock/ETF markets are ready to be plucked for cash

Insightful Features Solve The Volume Mystery For More Moolah:

  • Custom volume profile for the current trading day that updates real time with every market tick so you see the full step-by-step development for better trade decisions
  • Highlights developing high- and low-value areas so you can quickly pinpoint the support and resistance areas with ease
  • Displays Volume Point of Control so you know exactly where the most volume is being traded and the exact price so you spot the profit areas
  • Audio alerts when price crosses the point of control so you are trade-ready when opportunity strikes
  • Works on any timeframe or chart type
  • Customizable to your trading style
  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ ready
  • Full documentation and support
  • 30-day ‘love it or replace it’ guarantee

Drop this dynamic indicator in your cart immediately and find where volume is creating support and resistance for big payouts.


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