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Spot Trend Detection Early And Score

Most conventional trend indicators are lousy at spotting trend turning points unless there’s a major market jump. By then it’s too late to reap the money rewards. The Smart Hama Trend Indicator takes trend detection to a whole new atmosphere ? showing futures and day traders the early profit trends way before anyone else knows they are there. You cash in before they can even check it out. 


With the Smart Hama Trend Indicator

  • You’ll quickly spot the turning points of a trend so you can catch the profit opportunities from the very beginning
  • You’ll safely avoid false or delayed trend change setups so you can sidestep costly mistakes
  • You’ll easily generate long- and short-term trend analyses regardless of chart type to give you a trading edge in the market
  • Futures and day traders will reap the rewards before other traders even know the opportunity exists
  • Works in all futures markets, including E-Mini Index markets, Commodities, Currencies and Interest Rates

Robust Features Find Your Biggest Money Opportunities:

  • 10 different moving averages to perfectly smooth out the market so you can find the best trading setups
  • Effective on any time- and price-based chart, with a ‘sweet spot’ on Renko charts so you can identify key support/resistance levels with ease
  • Comes with a variety of enhanced trend functions that make it one of the most accurate trend indicators in the industry
  • Price Action function to determine potential turning points so you stay well ahead of the trend and profitable
  • Trend Radar to scan multiple markets for trend environments so you can monitor several trades/trends simultaneously
  • NinjaScript ready to speed installation and for seamless integration with automated trading strategies
  • Fully customizable settings so you can set up the tool to fit your distinct trading style
  • Full documentation and support and ‘out-of-the-box’ ready
  • 30-day ‘love it or replace it’ guarantee

Grab the Smart Hama Trend Indicator right now and grab the next big market trend money opportunity.


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