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Get Real-Time Support And Resistance Data For Smarter Decisions

High probability turning points mean money in your pockets if you know where to look. The SD Channel Indicator shows trend and counter-trend traders real-time support and resistance lines that often turn into profitable turning points in the market. Regardless of your trading style this indicator will put more money in your pockets.


With the SD Channel Support And Resistance Indicator

  • You’ll expertly spot real-time support and resistance so you know with high probability where the profitable turning points are going to happen
  • You’ll easily spot the best entry and exit points so you can profit without expensive guessing and tedious over-analyzing
  • Day and position traders and scalpers will consistently score profits using this valuable trend information
  • All futures markets, all stock/ETF markets and FOREX are ready to be plucked for profit

Uncommonly Powerful Features Find The Most Profitable Turning Points:

  • Proprietary standard deviation support channel spots the highest probability turning points so you find the best money trades
  • Center line shows you the current price in relation to its most recent average price so you know with confidence where and when to trade
  • High and low standard deviation lines show price fluctuations so you know where to expect price to bounce back to average for the best long and short trade opportunities
  • Updates happen for every bar so you get the most recent price data
  • Perfect for any timeframe and any tick-based chart
  • Fully customizable to suit your trading style
  • Full documentation and support
  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ ready
  • 30-day ‘love it or replace it’ guarantee

Drop this powerful support resistance indicator into your cart immediately and find the prime turning points for cash.


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