Bollinger Reversal Trader


Pinpoint Price Action Reversal Points

Looking for an indicator to point out favorable price action for a counter-trend trade? You’ve found it. The Bollinger Reversal Trader Signal Indicator helps any style trader find the highest probability entries around trend reversals. Now you have the ultimate trend reversal weapon for sniffing out profits in any market.


With the Bollinger Reversal Trader Signal Indicator

  • You’ll quickly spot the reversal points in any market so you can instantly find the most probable entry points for success
  • Futures and FOREX traders will rule the markets with this trend information
  • All futures markets, all stock/ETF markets and FOREXare ready for profit-collecting

Spot Reversal Points For Profit With Robust Features:

  • Calculates the extreme high and low to determine the probable reversal points so you find the best entries for counter-trend trading
  • 10 different moving average options within the Bollinger component so you can fine-tune your trading strategy for more precise entries
  • Adjustable number of standard deviations so you can choose the number of signals you get on your chart for any time period
  • Green arrows point out long trade opportunities and red arrows point out short trade opportunities so you know exactly where a trend is ending and where to jump in and score
  • Audible alerts are fully user-definable so you never miss a trade opportunity
  • Perfect for any market and any timeframe
  • Full documentation and support
  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ ready
  • 30-day ‘love it or replace it’ guarantee

Snag this powerful signal indicator immediately and hunt down the highest probability entries without all the headaches.


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