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Walks you A-Z through 1 specific shortcut to streamline your trading. Customize setups. Execute trades without leaving money on the table. In just a few minutes.

Micro Training

A short quick-start video for folks transitioning from NT7 to NT8, as well as newbies. Each week points out important shortcuts that often get overlooked.

Feature Spotlight

Did you know your F1 key has 5 different superpowers? Now you will, when you watch the weekly feature spotlight. So each week you unleash more of NT8's full profit power.

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Bonus #2

The Ultimate Indicator Diversification Guide

One of the biggest blunders NT8 traders make is using too many of the same kind of indicator. This guide solves that problem with our four trading indicator ‘command'-ments. So your indicator intel stays safely and smartly diversified. And keeps your second-guessing of signals to a minimum.

Bonus #3:

How To Build A Trading Computer For Less Than $2,000

NT8 is a quantum power leap over NT7. Unfortunately, many traders' computers can't keep up. In this immediately useful guide, you'll discover the most cost-effective way to gain the hardware power you need.

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