Trend Heat Map + Trend Heat Scanner

find the correct trend and you'll find the money

Try the Trend Heat map and Trend Heat Scanner indicator risk free for 30 days

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With the Trend Heat Map + Trend Heat Scanner Indicator:

  • You’ll easily determine in a flash whether you’re seeing a real trend or just a correction or rebound so you can develop your trades accordingly
  • You’ll quickly nail down when the trend is strong/weak/or anywhere in between for maximum profitability without the guessing
  • You’ll effortlessly see which time-frames are in a trend so you quickly know where your opportunities are with one glance
  • Futures traders, scalpers, trend traders, swing traders and counter-trend traders will make bank with this trend information
  • Futures, FOREX, stocks and ETFs are ripe for harvesting
  • Fully customizable settings, full documentation and support, and “out-of-the-box” ready
  • 30-day “love it or replace it” guarantee
  • Proprietary Algorithmic Trend Barometer that measures the trend strength on multiple time-frames to maximize your confidence in finding the real trend
  • Intuitive “Heat Map” gives you a quick overview about the trend environment over multiple periods as well as the total overview about the Cumulative Trend Direction for one comprehensive view of the truth
  • Trend Heat Scanner component scans a variety of different markets at a glance and alerts you when it’s time to take action
  • Easy identification of the perfect long/short entry/exit zones
  • Market Analyzer Scanner so you can spot prime trade signals across multiple markets
  • Signals automatically appear on chart with signal alerts and email notifications as soon as a signal appears so you never miss the money
  • NinjaScript ready for quick integration

If you don't love our Trend Heat Map + Trend Heat Scanner,
we'll happily replace it with one you do love 
equal to the price you paid. No questions asked.

Just $97 -- Free Upgrades for Life!


You guys are doing great.I was able to immediately use my first indicator (Trend Heat Map indicator) from the Indicator of the Month Club. I had been plotting multiple moving averages from multiple time frames on my 5-min charts.The Trend Heat Map indicator allowed me to remove all of those moving averages which left me with a much neater, easier to read and easier to follow chart. Using the Trend Heat Map I can quickly and easily see with each bar close how price is affecting the trend on multiple time frames using the Cumulative Trend Barometer, instead of having to decipher all of the multiple multi-timeframe MA I had previously been using.I would say that it is definitely helping and I can’t think of anything that would make it better. I’m looking forward to using all of your other indicators.I am looking forward to next month’s free indicator for NinjaTrader. I feel certain I will also be purchasing indicators in the future, after all if the free ones are this good, I can imagine how good the paid versions are.

Ron K.

I’ve been in your club for a few months now and need to say with all the indicators you deliver, the platform becomes more attractive to me month by month by month.I mostly trade stocks through TD Ameritrade and I can connect my account directly with NinjaTrader now, that’s nice.On the Trend Heat Map indicator I get the point that it’s designed as an intraday concept but it works so great on intraday charts, I really would like to see it on higher timeframe charts.

Charles Thomas, Vermont
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