Day Trading Signal + Day Trading MA Scanner

laser accuracy for timing entries & exits in mulitple markets

Try the Day Trading Signal and Day Trading MA Scanner indicator risk free for 30 days

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With the Day Trading Signal Indicator and Scanner:

  • You’ll easily find the perfect moment to enter your trade so you can maximize your profits without hours of hunting and guessing
  • You’ll quickly scan multiple markets you trade so you’re alerted when great money opportunities come up
  • You’ll automate your trading strategies so you can maximize your profits without maximizing your efforts
  • Futures and day traders will not believe how easy it is to pinpoint their entries for crazy money
  • All futures, stocks/ETFs and FOREX markets are fertile ground
  • Perfect for any chart type or time-frame
  • Fully customizable settings so you can set up the tool to fit your distinct trading style
  • Full documentation and support and “out-of-the-box” ready
  • Powerful market analysis done completely in the background so you can easily spot great potential trade entries
  • Reversal setups, stochastic trends and Bollinger Bands working together to maximize accuracy and launch your confidence
  • Underlying indicators and rules to “back test” and “tweak” the indicator environment so you can make it your own
  • Market Analyzer Scanner so you can spot prime trade signals across multiple markets
  • Signals automatically appear on chart with signal alerts and email notifications as soon as a signal appears so you never miss the money
  • NinjaScript ready for quick integration so you can quickly build a robust automated strategy

If you don't love our Day Trading Signal, 
we'll happily replace it with one you do love 
equal to the price you paid. No questions asked.

Just $97 -- Free Upgrades for Life!


I have to say I Love your Indicators… I have the Smart Squeeze I put it on a TF1000 volume chart and it worked like a charm. I would recommend this Indicator to anyone

Glen Allen - St. Louis / MO

Regarding the 3 indicators I bought from you:The Smart Squeeze is a winner – I use it in my every day trading together with the free Fibonacci Indicator. The QuickSwitchChart Tool is really handy as I often change the period on my charts, it makes it really easy. The BollingerMACDBreak is OK but not as good as the Squeeze and the Fibonacci.Thank you very much for providing us with such great tools.

George, Kansas
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