Bollinger MACD Squeeze

Make Momentum Your New Cash Cow

Try the Bollinger MACD Squeeze indicator risk free for 30 days

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With the Bollinger MACD Squeeze Indicator:

  • You’ll quickly gain a full picture of momentum so you can properly gauge the market and put an end to guessing on your trades
  • You’ll eliminate buying and selling into sideways markets so you can avoid more false trades and spot more money opportunities
  • You’ll confirm market direction early so you’re the first one to the party to cash in on momentum
  • Day traders and swing traders will feel like they’ve won the momentum lottery
  • Futures, FOREX and Stock/ETF markets are your new cash cows
  • Perfect for futures, FOREX, stock/ETFs, day and swing trading in any timeframe
  • Customizable settings so you can tailor the tool to fit your distinct style of trading
  • Combines two of the best and most popular indicators into one: Bollinger Bands and the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) to give you more valid trade signals
  • MACD is not applied to price, but rather to Bollinger Bands, so you know exactly when the MACD breaks out of the Bollinger Bands
  • Market Analyzer Add-on so you can scan multiple markets for potential momentum trading opportunities with ease
  • Painted price bars to easily spot red (downtrends), green (uptrends) or blue (no trend)
  • NinjaScript ready to expose the signal values to use in your custom NinjaScript and trading strategy
  • Full documentation and support and “out-of-the-box” ready

If you don't love our Day Trading Signal, 
we'll happily replace it with one you do love 
equal to the price you paid. No questions asked.

Just $97 -- Free Upgrades for Life!


My first indicator I purchased from Ninjacators was the Bollinger Tackle.Honestly I didn’t liked it at all. I got in touch with the customer service and they let me swap the indicator. (That was free didn’t cost me a dime)I decided to go for the Bollinger Breakout Trader. Great decision on my end, I really love it. One of the best Indicators Ninjacators has in their portfolio. I bought more indicators and I will do it in the future. Ninjacators Team = great guys, great service. Highly recommend!

Frank, Ft. Myers / FL

Regarding the 3 indicators I bought from you:The Smart Squeeze is a winner – I use it in my every day trading together with the free Fibonacci Indicator. The QuickSwitchChart Tool is really handy as I often change the period on my charts, it makes it really easy. The BollingerMACDBreak is OK but not as good as the Squeeze and the Fibonacci.Thank you very much for providing us with such great tools.

George, Kansas
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