Automatic Trend Line

analyze current and historical trends for smarter trades

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With the Automatic Trend Line Indicator:

  • You’ll quickly plot both current and historical trends right on your chart so you can easily spot the overarching trend in any time-frame
  • You’ll easily analyze the current strength and resistance levels based on real-time and historical data so you can accurately determine where the money is on your chart
  • You’ll know immediately how historical strength and resistance levels are affecting the current levels so you can position yourself in the profit zone
  • All futures markets, all stock/ETF markets and forex are wide open and ripe to be picked
  • Full documentation and support
  • Customizable to your trading style
  • “Out-of-the-box” ready
  • Automatic plotting of historical and current trends right on your chart so all you have to do is read and discover the money zones
  • Instant current and trend comparisons to current price so you can determine the actual strength and resistance levels for more efficient and profitable trading
  • Colored lines plot both historical and current trends at user-defined time periods for a more in-depth, analytical view of trends across time
  • Places an arrow and sounds an audio alert the exact moment when support or resistance lines are broken so you are ready to jump on the money opportunities
  • Works with a variety of instruments and time-frames
  • 30-day “love it or replace it” guarantee

If you don't love our Automatic Trend Line, 
we'll happily replace it with one you do love 
equal to the price you paid. No questions asked.

Just $97 -- Free Upgrades for Life!


At the moment I have no real money I trade.I trade only on the Sim Account to figure out if trading is something I can make money with. I like that your Indicators are so cheap so that I can buy a lot of indicators with you and it is still cheaper than one indicator elsewhere.And the most important part: the indicators are working, I can understand them and if I have questions I get always answers. When I have an indicator which is not working probably I can change to another one I like.

J.D. - Pascagoula, MS

I’ve been a member of the Indicator Of The Month Club since the Summer of 2012… and all I can say is WOW!The quality of NinjaTrader indicators they give away far exceeds many others I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve paid for.Beyond that, your free indicators possess equal — and in some cases — better quality.Customer service has been fantastic. The response times to my requests – whether complex or simple, have been nothing short of A+. They have been very accommodating, and their pricing is very reasonable (that’s for sure)!A very happy customer,Micky AKA Eminiticks

Micky AKA Eminiticks
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