Neal - Chicago / IL

I like Ninjacators because they are affordable.

Being able to test out many different indicators and trading ideas, without spending a fortune just makes a lot of sense to me.


I really appreciate what Ninjacators does simply because it facilitates the chart reading process.

As with any system or indicators available, the due diligence of extensive data-mining is paramount. I enjoy the indicator of the month club. In the future, I will report any performance due to utilizing one or more of the indicators from Ninjacators.

Helmut - Freiburg / Germany

I am glad that I found you guys.

I bought a couple of indicators from you and I am really happy. They all are working great! That is exactly what I was looking for.

Charles Thomas, Vermont

I’ve been in your club for a few months now and need to say with all the indicators you deliver, the platform becomes more attractive to me month by month by month.

I mostly trade stocks through TD Ameritrade and I can connect my account directly with NinjaTrader now, that’s nice.

On the Trend Heat Map indicator I get the point that it’s designed as an intraday concept but it works so great on intraday charts, I really would like to see it on higher timeframe charts.

Theodore P, Melbourne / Australia

After I purchased my first indicator from Ninjacators I was not really convinced that that was a good decision.

I had many questions, but after you answered all of them in detail and explained everything to me, I will advise everyone to buy at Ninjacators.

George, Kansas

Regarding the 3 indicators I bought from you:

The Smart Squeeze is a winner – I use it in my every day trading together with the free Fibonacci Indicator. The QuickSwitchChart Tool is really handy as I often change the period on my charts, it makes it really easy. The BollingerMACDBreak is OK but not as good as the Squeeze and the Fibonacci.

Thank you very much for providing us with such great tools.

Theodore W Clark

I’m always skeptical when something sounds too good to be true.

In the Online Trader Central webinar you told us that members will get a free indicator and education to that indicator every month and that without any cost or commitment – that qualifies as sounding too good to be true.

Now I’m four months into your club and I need to apologize for being skeptical (maybe you remember I also called you before signing up to see if there are real people working on the other end and not only a advertising scam over a webinar). I looked at all four of the free indicators I’ve received so far, but use only one in my daily trading. It’s not because the other three are bad, they just did not fit into my setup.

I definitely will recommend you as you do a really wonderful job with your club.

Frank, Ft. Myers / FL

My first indicator I purchased from Ninjacators was the Bollinger Tackle.

Honestly I didn’t liked it at all. I got in touch with the customer service and they let me swap the indicator. (That was free didn’t cost me a dime)

I decided to go for the Bollinger Breakout Trader. Great decision on my end, I really love it. One of the best Indicators Ninjacators has in their portfolio. I bought more indicators and I will do it in the future. Ninjacators Team = great guys, great service. Highly recommend!

Juan, San Diego / CA

Found a video on YouTube about your Smart Stochastics. Liked it and went to your website, saw the price and bought right away!

Great products to play around with and doesn’t have to care about the money. Will come back for more.

J.D. - Pascagoula, MS

At the moment I have no real money I trade.

I trade only on the Sim Account to figure out if trading is something I can make money with. I like that your Indicators are so cheap so that I can buy a lot of indicators with you and it is still cheaper than one indicator elsewhere.

And the most important part: the indicators are working, I can understand them and if I have questions I get always answers. When I have an indicator which is not working probably I can change to another one I like.

Johnny P.

I recently requested some minor changes to a purchased indicator, and informed them that I was more than willing to pay an additional fee for the changes.

Their response was very prompt and most important, very pleased with their honesty and integrity.

They could have charged me for the minor changes, and I would have been happy to pay for it. But they took it a step beyond any customer service experience I’ve had with any other indicator company – they offered to make the changes for free.

This is what customer service and honesty is about in this industry. You don’t often run into people like this, but I am glad I did. I’ve found my #1 source for NinjaTrader Indicators.


I have to admit, I was skeptical that a $97 indicator can work properly.

So I just joined your free indicator club to see what that might be. After the first 2 month (2 free indicators) I was really impressed of the quality of the free indicators.

Quite frankly, I spend a lot of money on a similar indicator you guys gave me for free. That made me curious and I gave it a shot and bought 2 of your indicators. Nice tools, quality is great but not better than the free stuff  (that’s a compliment to your club as I know nobody who gives away this high quality just for free). Anyway, after that I bought some more and I’m really lucky with it.

To your question if I would recommend you to any other trader: For 100% yes, great bang for the buck! Keep doing what you do and hopefully you will take my idea for the indicator I send over some days ago, that would really be a nice one!

CU, Phil

Patrick A.

My first indicator of the month has been of great help to me, it has kept me out of a LOT of trouble.

It has also improved my staying power. I used to jump out of trades because of fear of losing what little unrealized profit I had. Overall your free indicator for NinjaTrader really works very well, and does all you said it would do. Thanks a lot.

P.S. Please tell John Hutchison I very much appreciate his time to call and giving me the help I had needed. I know it is not your policy to call individuals to help them with a free indicator. Thanks for making the exception, I felt very special.

Micky AKA Eminiticks

I’ve been a member of the Indicator Of The Month Club since the Summer of 2012… and all I can say is WOW!

The quality of NinjaTrader indicators they give away far exceeds many others I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve paid for.

Beyond that, your free indicators possess equal — and in some cases — better quality.

Customer service has been fantastic. The response times to my requests – whether complex or simple, have been nothing short of A+. They have been very accommodating, and their pricing is very reasonable (that’s for sure)!

A very happy customer,
Micky AKA Eminiticks

Ron K.

You guys are doing great.

I was able to immediately use my first indicator (Trend Heat Map indicator) from the Indicator of the Month Club. I had been plotting multiple moving averages from multiple time frames on my 5-min charts.

The Trend Heat Map indicator allowed me to remove all of those moving averages which left me with a much neater, easier to read and easier to follow chart. Using the Trend Heat Map I can quickly and easily see with each bar close how price is affecting the trend on multiple time frames using the Cumulative Trend Barometer, instead of having to decipher all of the multiple multi-timeframe MA I had previously been using.

I would say that it is definitely helping and I can’t think of anything that would make it better. I’m looking forward to using all of your other indicators.

I am looking forward to next month’s free indicator for NinjaTrader. I feel certain I will also be purchasing indicators in the future, after all if the free ones are this good, I can imagine how good the paid versions are.

Trevor M.

I love the Trend Heat Map indicator.

I have already incorporated it into my existing trading system, and it really helps me filter out losers!

When I go back through each trading day to look at my signals, I see your Trend Heat Map indicator for NinjaTrader keeps me from getting into bad trades (where the stop would have been set). Of course, using the Trend Heat Map as a filter, I am excluded from some winning trades; but who wants to trade against the trend anyway? Not this newbie. I look forward to see what other indicators I can put to use.

Mike W.

Thank you for sharing the Supply/Demand indicator.

Since receiving it yesterday, I was immediately fascinated by its plots. While there are some nuances with the indicator that you can only truly appreciate in live trading, my first day of using it has resulted in phenomenal results. Not only do the zones pick entry points very well, there is hardly any drawdown. It does make Ninjatrader run a little slow ( I have a lot of TPI including several of yours) and I have this indicator on every chart (with 20 days of data). I trust this will become a mainstay of my trading indicators. I will be a customer for life.
Thank you again.

Dr. RM

Ninjacators is a great company to work with.

First, their indicators are highly effective, reliable and well conceived. Even their free indicator of the month is very good. Second, their exchange policy is amazing. Everyone trades and responds to indicators differently. They let you exchange your indicator if it doesn’t work for you and your style of trading. And last, I really like their education division. When their facilitators explain their favorite indicators I am able to appreciate the indicator through their eyes and I learn a lot.

Good indicators, good service, good people.

Highly recommend you at least start with the indicator of the month club and or purchase one indicator and see where that takes you.

Bill C.

I have purchased three of your indicators and I am pleased to report that every single one of them passes my highest testing – and that is saying a lot!

I am torn though – on one hand your incredible indicators and Indicator of the Month free service deserves great word of mouth, but on the other hand I want to keep these secret weapons all to myself!

Glen Allen - St. Louis / MO

I have to say I Love your Indicators…

I have the Smart Squeeze I put it on a TF1000 volume chart and it worked like a charm. I would recommend this Indicator to anyone

I heard about Ninjacators from a friend of mine.

Even though it was a no-brainer for me to join the club I feared in exchange for the free stuff you provide you would be send hyper sales offers like other in this industry common in this industry. BUT, you do NOT!

Till now I’ve using 2 of your free indicators: I love the Smart Fibonacci indicators as it does all the work for me. My favorites parts are it’s automatic plot of the session Fibonacci Levels, possibility to customize the Fibonacci Levels, Sound alerts when a level gets hit, Fibonacci Band alert.

Everybody who uses Fibonacci for trading should have this indicator, as it does the plotting work for you.

I REALLY appreciate the Spread Scalper and the Real Time Supply and Demand indicators.

These are very, very valuable. You are very kind to be providing them for free.
Your website is well constructed and easy to navigate. Thank you so much.