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Indicator of the Month Club

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& Pro-Grade Trading Strategy Every Single Month...

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We think it’s a crime how traders have to test indicators. Paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars for indicators — just to see if it will fit their trading style (or even make money). Often without a money-back guarantee!

So we give you one of our premium NinjaTrader™ indicators for free — every single month! Along with a proven trading strategy to make immediate profits. Because we know — if you love those — you’ll want to try one of our other 300+ indicators that make us the #1 seller of NinjaTrader™ Indicators in the world.

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Trevor M

Ninjacators indicator of the month club
  • Free - Premium NinjaTrader™ indicator ($97 value)
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Free Ninjatrader indicators

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- Micky AKA 'eminiticks'

how free indicators can plug and play

Plug & Trade Easy

Once we send you the free indicator, you’ll be given immediate access. Just download and start making more  immediately profitable trades in minutes.

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Whether you’re a newbie trader, or profitable pro — each free indicator can be customized to fit your unique trading style and experience level.

Free Ninjatrader indicators are mistake proof


Since you own the free indicators you can try on new trading styles, explore new markets & strategies — without ever opening your wallet.

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