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I REALLY appreciate the Spread Scalper and the Real Time Supply and Demand indicators.

These are very, very valuable. You are very kind to be providing them for free.
Your website is well constructed and easy to navigate. Thank you so much.

Bill C.

I have purchased three of your indicators and I am pleased to report that every single one of them passes my highest testing – and that is saying a lot!

I am torn though – on one hand your incredible indicators and Indicator of the Month free service deserves great word of mouth, but on the other hand I want to keep these secret weapons all to myself!

I heard about Ninjacators from a friend of mine.

Even though it was a no-brainer for me to join the club I feared in exchange for the free stuff you provide you would be send hyper sales offers like other in this industry common in this industry. BUT, you do NOT!

Till now I’ve using 2 of your free indicators: I love the Smart Fibonacci indicators as it does all the work for me. My favorites parts are it’s automatic plot of the session Fibonacci Levels, possibility to customize the Fibonacci Levels, Sound alerts when a level gets hit, Fibonacci Band alert.

Everybody who uses Fibonacci for trading should have this indicator, as it does the plotting work for you.