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Bill C.

I have purchased three of your indicators and I am pleased to report that every single one of them passes my highest testing – and that is saying a lot!

I am torn though – on one hand your incredible indicators and Indicator of the Month free service deserves great word of mouth, but on the other hand I want to keep these secret weapons all to myself!

Micky AKA Eminiticks

I’ve been a member of the Indicator Of The Month Club since the Summer of 2012… and all I can say is WOW!

The quality of NinjaTrader indicators they give away far exceeds many others I’m embarrassed to admit how much I’ve paid for.

Beyond that, your free indicators possess equal — and in some cases — better quality.

Customer service has been fantastic. The response times to my requests – whether complex or simple, have been nothing short of A+. They have been very accommodating, and their pricing is very reasonable (that’s for sure)!

A very happy customer,
Micky AKA Eminiticks

Charles Thomas, Vermont

I’ve been in your club for a few months now and need to say with all the indicators you deliver, the platform becomes more attractive to me month by month by month.

I mostly trade stocks through TD Ameritrade and I can connect my account directly with NinjaTrader now, that’s nice.

On the Trend Heat Map indicator I get the point that it’s designed as an intraday concept but it works so great on intraday charts, I really would like to see it on higher timeframe charts.