Hundreds of pro-grade indicator for $97 each.

About The Ninjacator's Team

Here at Ninjacators we have been professionally trading for the past 10 years, we knew the NinjaTrader™ Platform was a game changer from the first trade we executed on it.

Because after 8 years of running every kind of Futures, Stocks, Forex and Commodities trade imaginable, we discovered we were working way too hard to track, plot and execute our trades.

We still loved NinjaTrader™, but we were desperate to find a more seamless way to put all the trading theories and methods we were using directly into the software. Fortunately, we’re a group of natural born tinkerers who love a challenge.

So in 2005, we started coding NinjaTrader™ indicators from scratch.

We really intended for these Ninjacator indicators to be just for us, and a small community of professional traders we networked with. But word got out how well they worked, even for newbies. And soon people in the NinjaTrader™ community started asking how much we’d sell them for.

We knew others online were selling questionable indicators for upwards of $600 – which seemed like highway robbery to us. So we decided to start Ninjacators.com with a radical idea.

Let’s make elegant, $97 trading and education tools even newbie traders can succeed with immediately.

Our indicators and strategies work for every level of new, intermediate and advanced trader who wants to start making more successful trades in the Futures, Stock, Forex or Commodities markets.

That said, all indicators are really useless unless you have a sound strategy telling you when to get in or out of a trade when your emotions try to veto your better judgment.

So all our Ninjacator indicators come with instruction on how to use them, in real world situations, from professionals who are daily making money in the trenches of the global markets.

What Else Makes Our Ninjacator Indicators Unique?

For starters, they won’t cost you a fortune. At only $97 each you can mix and match indicators to fit your unique style and method of trading, without your spouse freaking out.

We also give you a new indicator and trading strategy each and every month for FREE in our Indicator Of The Month Club. 

This way you can be as confident as the other 17,000+ traders in our Indicator Of The Month Club.

Knowing every indicator you buy from us is a perfect fit for your trading style and markets.

For more details on how The Indicator of The Month Club works and to sign up for free, head on over here.

To More Successful Trades,


Jonathan Moore
Director of Trader Education