Smart ADX

The ADX is the Average Directional Index. It measures the strength of a prevailing trend as well as whether movement exists in the market. Our SmartADX Indicator will help you to use the strength of the trend in your favor like no other ADX on the market….
Basically the ADX splits the market in 3 different trend environments: Trending market (up or down), Non trending market and End of Trend.
On a standard ADX line indicator this different environments are hard to read. We create a propriety calculation to help you visualize the stat of the market one view in only some seconds.
For this we cut the trend in pieces. For each trend environment (Trend, NON Trend, End of Trend) the indicator will plot an own color to help identify the condition easily.

1 Computer $97
2 Computers $119
3 Computers $137

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